Case Study on Cancer

As per the estimate, around 182,460 women in the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer and 40,480 died of the disease. This is the best case when compared to the rest of the world, where around 1.1 million new cases were recorded and 420,000 deaths predicted for the year 2008.

In America, one out of every 8 women has a cancer or will have it during their lifetime. Additionally, 62,480 Americans got the diagnosis of melanoma in the year 2008, where 8420 deaths were attributed to the following disease.

At least one person was diagnosed for both breast cancer and melanoma and that too as two separate primary cancers. In words of a cancer patient, “when sitting in the doctor’s office you are told that you will be diagnosed for the cancer disease then believe me, time really stops. All the remainder’s including the doctor’s appointment start to happen in a slow motion. The words are being drawn out and motions are distorted as if you are walking though a haunted house display.

Such kinds of incidents happen when people are about to face the cancer diagnosis and there are many stories like this that are stated by many women who had cancer. The trauma they went through and all other issues like the scans, insurance company matter, all were bore by them. But what remains interesting in these stories is how it was diagnosed.


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