Terminator Technology

With the increasing utilization of the genetically modified products, the probability of an exchange of the recombinant genes into the wild is a genuine matter of concern for the researchers. To address this issue, the terminator technology was anticipated as an answer by different biotech organizations. Be that as it may, this innovation has been under examination for quite a while and is still not considered as an answer for the issue.

The terminator technology includes the genetic adjustment of the plants, keeping in mind the end goal to render the sterile seeds amid the harvest. This is an inducible molecular mechanism, i.e. the gene responsible for the sterility of seeds can be turned on or off from outside by giving the suitable chemicals from outside.

The biotech organizations were projecting the terminator technology as a “biosafety” answer for keeping the spread of modified genes in the nature. As per them, if any of the modified genes get exchanged to related wild plant through cross pollination, the seeds delivered as a consequence of this will be sterile in this way avoiding further spreading of the modified gene.

However, the scientists who studied the genetic seed sterilization models, discarded the technique saying that terminator technology is not effective enough to ensure 100% sterility in all the seeds, thus there will always be a risk of contamination in the nature. Further, this strategy was seen as a technique to increase greatest benefit by the organizations by stopping the farmers from sparing the seeds and utilizing them once more.


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