The Zika Virus

Zika virus is a critical mosquito-borne flavivirus which is created by the virus transmitted mainly by Aedes mosquitoes. Folks with the Zika virus disease or problem can have certain symptoms such as skin rash, muscle pain, malaise, headache, joint pain, mild fever or conjunctivitis. Normally, these symptoms last from two to seven days. There is some scientific consensus which Zika virus is a reason of Guillain-Barré and microcephaly syndrome. Strong efforts are properly continuing in order to find the connection between this Zika virus as well as many neurological disorders, exactly within a careful research framework. This disease is normally transmitted to individuals via the bite of any infected mosquito from Aedes genus, mostly Aedes aegypti living in the Tropical regions.

Usually, Aedes mosquitoes bite during day time, peaking during late evening or afternoon and early morning. Sexual transmission of this Zika virus is possible as well. Other ways of transmission like blood transfusion are being successfully investigated. Infection with this virus can be suspected entirely based on recent record of travel and symptoms. The diagnosis of this infection can simply be confirmed via laboratory tests on certain body fluids, including blood, semen, saliva and urine. This Zika virus issue is naturally mild and does not require any specific treatment. Individual sick with this health issue should acquire plenty of drink, rest, enough drinks and treat fever and pain with ordinary medicines. If your symptoms worsen critically, you should seek the medical advice and care. Currently, there is no vaccine available.


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