Three New Zika Vaccines Offer Complete Protection From Virus in Primates

The zika virus is now being transmitted by mosquitoes in the continental US and areas of Rio with issues count is going too high. Even after their months-long outbreak, it’s been a rather scary time for those breathing in strained areas.

But here’s the good news that not one but three vaccines have been displayed to completely protect the non-human hominids from Zika virus and they’re now available for human trails. Three vaccine candidates have been trialed by the researchers of US, a vector vaccine; a purified inactivated virus vaccine (ZPIV); and one that uses a meager section of the Zika virus genome injected into a safe adenovirus. All three blocked infections in animal trials.

All of these were granted full protection when they were used to inoculate 20 monkeys after a time period of 2 weeks and none of the animals displayed any negative impact.

The news that is impacting everyone is that the zika virus is still not completely cured. Even though the human trials will be conducted but it will still take years for the market ready version to come up from deployment.The most that are affected with this virus are pregnant women and over 1700 cases have been linked to microcephaly to it in the previous year.

Microcephaly can let babies be produced with abnormally tiny heads thus leading to retarded brains, tissue expanding, and a number of other dangerous birth deformities.


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