Sense is a glowing sphere that watches over you while you sleep

(At age 19, Londoner James Proud decided to skip out on college and move to the States.)


This sensor measures…

temperature, light, motion, humidity, sound, and even the particle counts for pollen and dust in the air!!!

It also includes a tiny circular “Sleep Pill” that clips on your pillowcase. For most sleep trackers, who move or walk around while sleeping, the Pill records your sleeping patterns by measuring how much you move during sleep. But it demands you to wear a wristband and strap a sensor to your mattress.

The two gadgets report back to your IOS or Android device through the Sense app over Bluetooth.

When you look at the app in the morning, it displays a timeline of the prior evening.

For example… It might show you that

“At 3AM, you tossed and turned a bit because some lights came on, and at 6AM, your dog started howling, which caused some more stirring”.

This sense also includes a microphone that listens to your room as you sleep, so it can actually play back the noises that woke you!!!

However, as you can also think about, this sensor can be risky because of privacy…

Fortunately, Sense only records sound spikes, not all sounds, and stores sounds on your phone and not in the cloud. Also, Sense’s mic only turns on once you’ve stopped moving and gone to bed.

“It’s not always recording.”, “There’s a rolling 5-second window where it listens for loud events like a truck or dog.”  –Proud–(The one who made this sensor)


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