Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi)

As time goes, Information Technology industry develops more and more.

Almost every equipment are connected to share information by network.

In the beginning of internet gets to be used by people, only wired internet was used. However, since people need to move more and farther, wired internet cannot afford people anymore. Thus, wireless fidelity, which is also known as Wi-Fi came out to be used. .


And now…?.





The internet system which is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi came out!!!

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is the wireless internet system which uses light to send data!!!

By flickering light, it changes data to binary system – number system for computer- and academically makes 1 GB to be downloaded in 1 second. For now, someone has succeeded to download 1 GB in 8.5 second using Li-Fi. This Li-Fi- machine enables equipments to use internet by lighting them.

[IT 이야기] Li-Fi(

Like this!!!

However, I think there can be some disadvantage of them as their advantage.

Since the equipment requires light to be shined to it for internet (not to be near the equipment), only specific area will enable equipment to be useful. For example, when someone tries to make whole house to use Li-Fi, that person should install several machines in one house.

Moreover, Li-fi makes people not be able to use internet without light. For instance, when someone who lives with other people in same place gets in situation to use internet in late night, that someone must turn on the light that other people can be distracted on the bed. So, Li-Fi will not be able to be used in any time or place.

But, since many developers are continuously trying to develop this system and make up for faults, I believe that Li-Fi will be used in the future widely in the world.


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