Five Worst Genetic Disorders

Genetic diseases result from abnormalities or mutations in genes or chromosomes. Although some ethnic groups have higher chances of having some genetic disorders, the diseases can occur in any group. Some genetic diseases are fatal. The following are five worst genetic disorders.

Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a rare disease that affects endocrine glands. Caused by a genetic disorder, it occurs most often in Caucasian Europeans. It is the most fatal genetic disorder of Caucasian children. The disease does not have a cure.

Down’s syndrome

Down’s syndrome disorder occurs when a person is born with an additional copy of chromosomes. It causes distinctive facial features, abnormalities of some systems of the body, and mental retardation.

Huntingdon’s disease

This is a hereditary disease that affects the nervous system. It appears in middle age or even early adult life. One of its characteristics is involuntary muscular twitching. Being a degenerative disease, it affects the whole body, causing mental deterioration and finally death. The disorder has no cure.


People suffering from Tay-Sachs do not have an enzyme known as Hex-A. Tay-Sachs. The disorder causes death at an early age, often around five years old. Progressively, it destroys the brain and nervous system. The disorders have no treatment.

Sickle Cell Disease

This disorder evolves to protect people from malaria. Individuals with a single expression of the gene for sickle cell do not suffer from the disease. Getting the gene from both parents allows the red blood cells to “sickle” at the same time during stress crisis. Consequently, the sickled cells get stuck in small capillaries, destroying organs and joints. Eventually, the victim dies of organ failure.



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