New 3D Printers with New Materials

As time goes, development of the technology in this world coincides. One of the examples of world’s development is 3D printing skill. 3D printers make us to print out not only papers, which are 2 dimensional, but also print out some 3 dimensional objects using computer.

생활 용품 & 플라스


Like the pictures above, 3D printer will make humans’ lives better by letting them get some supplements in their lives by printing out them in own houses. We can save our money by printing out objects instead of buying them in markets.

However, there were some problems in 3D printing. For common 3D printers, which are not expensive and therefore people can use it publicly, many things such as color, material, and size were limited. On the other had,  expensive 3D printers, which are used in large companies, have less limitation than that of the cheap ones. Diversity of materials for printing, however, were also limited to the large and expensive printers, and most materials were plastic and sometimes paper.

Than lately, a 3D printer company called ExOne made a 3D printer that is capable of using metal and ceramic as materials for printing.

모래로 금속 주물용

For plastics, printers were able to use them as materials by melting  them. And for papers, printers cut them into slices and used them in printing. However, how can metals be used as materials when we cannot cut or melt them? The 3D printer of ExOne discovered the solution for the problem.

First, the printer spreads metal (or ceramic) powders on its floor. Then, when a certain laser lights the specific area, that area solidifies suddenly. So, by solidifying an object by floors (by lifting the base floor of the printer up and down), result came out finally!!

I thought that 3D printers will not be so much useful since I only knew that printers use some simple materials such as plastic. Of course I thought that 3D printers will develop the world much since it has been constructed houses, but by recognizing that 3D printers also use metal, I was able to get more interest in 3D printers and printing skills.

We might be to spend most of our money on recharging 3D printers in the future. Since people uses such programs for 3D designing on computer and spread the files using internet, other people are also able to use that saved files of specific objects to print out.


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