Weapons That Are Genetically Engineered

Biological weapons are used to spread diseases among plants, animals, and people through the introduction of microorganism and toxins like bacteria and viruses. The method through which a genetically engineered weapon may be deployed depends on its durability, the route of infection, and its preparation.

As scientists continue to study DNA sequencing and DNA synthesis, it may become possible to create viruses whose DNA sequences are known. In 2001 Dr. Eckard Wimmer demonstrated that humans can synthesize genes when he re-created the poliovirus. Also, Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger re-created the 1918 influenza virus in 2005. According to some researchers, the DNA synthesis technology will enable creation of novel pathogens.

The growing accessibility of computational power, DNA synthesis capabilities, and information means that people will be able to manufacture bioweapons in the future. Genetic engineers and scientist are considering various techniques to increase effectiveness of pathogens in combat. These techniques include: binary biological weapons, designer genes, gene therapy, stealth viruses, host-swapping diseases, personalized bioweapons and designer diseases.





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