Why Studying Genetics is Important to us and our Families

Studying genetics is very important because it helps us to understand some diseases that run in our families. It also helps us understand our own health and make good choices.

Genetics helps to explain what makes us unique. Every individual in a family is unique. Part of what make people unique is their genes. Genes control how people look and how their body works. We are unique because we have different genes.

Why do family members have some things in common? Children inherit genes from their parents. A child receives one set of genes from the mother and one set from the father. These genes may match up in numerous ways to make various combinations. This explains why some family members look alike while others don’t resemble each other at all. Families also share an environment, diet, and habits, factors that may influence how healthy family members are later in life.

Some disease occurs when there is a change in the instructions in the genes, a process known as mutation. Mutation can cause disease or turn out to be slightly helpful. Many diseases are caused by a particular alteration in the DNA of a single gene. Usually, these conditions develop when a person is born with a mutated gene. If an unusual disease runs in your family, note it down and seek help from a healthcare provider.





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