Genetics Could Help Tutors Tailor Learning to Every Student

As they spend time in classrooms, teachers understand that different students or pupils have different learning styles, either by training or by preference. Teachers know that some students learn better during individual assignments, while other thrive well though group work. While one student may prefer reading about something, another may enjoy learning by doing.

Studies have shown that styles of learning can be hardwired into a person, bringing up the need for researchers to examine educational genomics, a new field that’s fast expanding due to advances in technology and genetics.

Darya Gaysina, a lecture at the University of Sussex, explains how she thinks educational genomics could assist future students. In her article first published on The Conversation, she believes that one day genomics will be used by educational organisations to make tailor-made curriculum programs that are based on a student’s DNA profile. Such genetic information will be used to determine the DNA variants that facilitate school achievement, such as mathematical and reading abilities.



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