How Genes are Related to “Baldness”

According to the new study published in United Kingdom, 200 new genetic markers linked with male pattern baldness, which is a great number comparing to the previous study that revealed only eight of the genes. The researchers also found a new mechanism that is efficient in predicting chance of a portion of a population to get a severe hair loss.

In the experiment, the researchers collected baldness linked characteristics from more than 52,000 men ages 40 to 69 years in United Kingdom. Of these men, about 32 percent said they had no hair loss, 23 percent said they had slight hair loss, 27 percent said they had moderate hair loss and 18 percent said they had severe hair loss.

Then, the researchers analyzed the genetic variation known as single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of participant’s genome and revealed 287genetic variations, which are located on 100 different genes, that are linked to severe hair loss of men. Most of the variations were located on the genes that are related to formation and growth of hair, and some genes were on the X chromosome that was inherited from their mother.

Based on the result of the experiment, the researchers created a formula that calculates the “genetic risk score” of individuals to have moderate or severe hair loss. However, the researchers note that in the study, information on the age of participants started to loss hair, and if more information were available, it would have been possible to make more accurate prediction of a men’s chance to have severe baldness.

This research has revealed many new information about baldness-linked genes, but it is still hard to make accurate prediction and further researches would be needed to prevent and predict individuals’ hair loss pattern, the researchers noted.




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