Role of Genetics and Family Setting in Weight Gain

A recent study has revealed that eating lots of candy and other high-calorie foods are not necessarily the cause of weight gain.  The findings of the study were published in the Economics and Human Biology journal. According to the study, 40% of a person’s Basal Metabolic Index has been inherited from their biological parents.

In addition to that, the study also reveals that family setting or environment has a huge role to play in regard to the weight gain of a person.  A person who lives in a family where eating lots of food is glorified is likely to be obese. The results from the research are not region-specific; they apply to persons in all regions of the world. This is due to the consistency of findings in all countries.

From the findings of the study, children of obese parents have a very high probability of being obese persons in life. This is unlike those from thin parents. Children from parents where one parent is thin and the other obese can either be obese or not, depending on whose genes a child picks the most.




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