Difference Between Chromosome Mutation and Gene Mutation

Mutations are alterations that occur in organisms’ genetic material, and they take place due to various reasons. Chromosome mutations and gene mutations are two types of mutations and they vary from each other mostly in the magnitude of the modification.

Chromosome mutation is a significant alteration of an organism’s chromosomes, where either the structure or number of chromosomes is altered. There are three types of chromosomal mutations which include inversions, deletions, and duplications. All chromosomal mutations affect the number, and the structure of chromosomes and eventual syntheses of protein and gene expressions.

Gene mutations are alterations of an organism’s genetic material, which mainly is an alteration in the sequence of nucleotide in a particular gene. There are two main types of gene mutations: frame shift mutations and point mutations. Gene mutation may result in alteration of the structure or the number of the whole chromosome, which could eventually cause chromosomal mutations.

Chromosomal mutation is an alteration in many genes whereas gene mutations are an alteration in the nucleotide sequence. Also, chromosome mutation is a serious alteration while Gene mutation is considered as a small-scale alteration. Finally, chromosomal mutations are hard to correct while gene mutations are sometimes easily corrected.






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