Three Genetic Mutations that Make People “Superheros”

Some parents give birth to children who have “superpowers”, thanks to genetic mutations. From super-sleeper mutation to the inability to feel pain, here are three genetic mutations that make some people “superheros”.

hDEC2 : the super-sleeper mutation

Normally, people need to sleep around eight hours each day. However, individuals with the hDEC2 gene feel energized on just about four hours of sleep every day. Such people are known as “short-sleepers and scientists have been working to examine exactly what predisposes individuals to require just 4 hours of sleep.

LRP5: the unbreakable bone mutation

Due to a genetic mutation known as sclerosteosis, some people are born with bones that are many times denser than the average human. People who have “unbreakable” bone mutation normally survive car accidents.

Congenital analgesia: the inability to feel pain

Imagine pricking yourself with a needle or putting your hand on burning stove without feeling any pain whatsoever. There are individuals who have a rare genetic mutation that enable them to do that, a condition referred to as congenital analgesia. Although this is an awesome “superpower” to have, it is extremely dangerous because some people with the condition could have serious injuries but have no idea.



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