Teenage weight gain linked to increased stroke risk as an adult

The heart stroke is a series disease that requires a lot of work in order to be cured. This disease was only found in adults generally. It is because the adults tend to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, and might do the things that could possibly harm their body which is illegal for the kids to do. However, there is one factor that could possibly lead children to have heart stroke when they grow up.

Apparently, the stroke rate has been increasing among young adults even while it has been decreasing for older people. And simultaneously, it has occurred at the same time as the obesity epidermic. Recently, the study shows that men who were overweight are likely to have a stroke than those who are not overweight. This study doesn’t say that it is the fact that overweight and heart stroke has the direct relationship. On the other word, this doesn’t imply that if someone was overweight in his youth, that doesn’t mean he must have a higher risk of getting heart stroke. However, it does show the association between those two things. There is a strong correlation between those two, and this is the fact. I assume that this is related to each other because if you are overweight, your blood vessels are more likely to be stuck with the lipids and it stacks up onto each other, which would eventually block the blood stream.

The study also found that people with high increases in BMI from age 8 to age 20 also were more likely to have high blood pressure as adults. People with high blood pressure are more likely to have a stroke. Again, high blood pressure means the blood stream is disrupted by the lipids that are stuck into the wall and block the blood stream, which makes the blood pressure higher. And high blood pressure is definitely the main reason why people have heart stroke. According to those reasons, it would be better for your health to exercise rather than eating saturated fats and oily foods.



https://medicalxpress.com › Neuroscience



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